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Tips for investing in your child's happiness

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Investing in your child’s happiness factor is worth the time; it will pay you back.

Imagine that you have just brought home an adorable new puppy. The problem is that whenever you turn your back, this little ball of fluff resumes her project of engraving the leg of your grandmother’s chair with her razor-sharp teeth. Instead of reprimanding your puppy and spending hours being angry at the destruction she has caused, you decide to take her for a brisk walk three times a day. Miraculously, after 20 minutes of walking, she collapses in a tired heap on the kitchen floor and doesn’t move for the next two hours.

Kids are like puppies. A small investment in filling up their happiness tank, whether reading them a book, taking them outside for a walk (yes, kids ARE like puppies) or giving them your focused attention will likely result in less whining and more independent, imaginative play. 

Less whining is always good. Independent play is the gold standard for tired parents. And kids who use their imaginations will become curious learners. 


3 Quick Ways to Invest in your Child’s Happiness:

  1. Lead the way with physical activity. Take your kids to the park or on a quick march around the block. Everyone will benefit from moving their bodies and getting some fresh air. If it’s a rainy day, make time for an active indoor activity.
  2. Give kids your FULL attention for a limited amount of time. Leave your phone in the other room and focus 100% of your attention on your child. Listen to them sing a song, recite the names of every fish you saw at the Aquarium last week, or read them their favorite story for the 42nd time.
  3. Change up a repetitive daily activity. Rather than eating supper at the table, spread a blanket on the floor and have a picnic. Or take a walk in the rain and let your child carry your big umbrella while you use their ladybug umbrella. Sometimes it’s the small things.


Gwen Potter is the founder of Butterfly Ballet Club. Our goal is to gracefully deliver joy and inspiration to your home—for the benefit of both you and your children. Butterfly Ballet Club subscription boxes are an easy way to keep your children physically active, to inspire their creativity, and bring delightful variety to your doorstep each month. Join the club today!

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