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Creative Dance Activities at Home for Kids

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The Gift of Dance

There is so much that I love about dance, from the calming routine of a ballet class to watching dancers shine on stage. I simply love the feeling of entering that special place where skills and confidence flourish: the dance studio.

Dance lessons help kids grow in so many ways, but children also benefit from having creative at-home dance time. If Covid keeps you at home or lessons aren't in the cards just yet, creative dance at home will keep your child inspired until the big day when he or she walks through the magical dance studio door.

One of the best things you can do for your young dancer is to encourage creative dance at home. After decades of teaching ballet and directing a ballet studio, I created the Butterfly Ballet Club for families looking to prepare for or supplement the studio classroom experience from the comfort of their own home.

Living Room Recitals

Some of my favorite memories as a parent are the shows that our children performed in our living room. Our kids wore upside-down tights on their heads as wigs and used kitchen utensils as props. And yes, when they got a little older, they even charged admission! They poured their hearts and imaginations into those performances because they felt confident and safe. They were the choreographers, danced the lead roles, and they passionately reflected the music in their movement.


How to Kindle Your Child's Dance Creativity at Home:

Choose some beautiful music. We have created a free Spotify playlist for Creative Dance and will be happy to send you the link. The playlist contains some of the world's most inspiring and beautiful ballet music. Join our mailing list to receive tips for creative parenting and a free Spotify playlist for creative ballet dancing at home.  

Provide Props & Costumes. These don't need to be fancy. A lightweight scarf works well as a prop. Add a favorite dress-up item, and your dancer will be ready to dance. A Butterfly Ballet Club subscription box provides themed props and costume pieces each month that will delight and inspire young dancers.  

Add Inspiration. Creativity is wonderful, but it doesn't occur in a vacuum. Learning about famous ballets, watching videos of stunning performances, or taking a dance class will expand your little dancer's ideas about what is possible. Membership at the Butterfly Ballet Club includes unlimited access to a themed story ballet class video each month designed to build basic ballet skills and provide creative inspiration. Join the club today!

Clap and Cheer. As parents, we love to applaud our child's creativity and deeply enjoy watching them perform. Because of this positive feedback, our children become more confident in their own ability to think and act creatively. Never underestimate what one round of applause can contribute toward building your child's joy and confidence!

Let your child's imagination lead, and they will be inspired by a love of dance that will remain for the rest of their life. This love will encourage them to persevere through disciplined work in their older years. Whether they pursue ballet, another form of dance, or something else entirely, developing their imaginations now will help them grow into confident learners and creative adults.

Want to boost your little dancer's creativity? Subscribe to Butterfly Ballet Club and watch their imagination soar!

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