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Butterfly Ballet Club

Where hearts dance and imaginations soar.


Nurturing a love of ballet.

We bring ballet to your door because we believe that the beauty of ballet enriches lives. Monthly boxes & kits introduce new and experienced dancers to famous ballets such as The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty. Our focus is on providing a wholesome and beautiful ballet experience for girls age 3 to Teens but anyone is welcome to join!

High quality educational products.

We help parents give their kids a beautiful childhood with curated, custom-designed products. No cheap plastic items destined for the dumpster. No bulky items to store. No glitter mess. The perfect birthday or holiday gift that will fill her imagination with beauty for years to come.

Joy Delivered.

We understand that parenting is challenging and that it is easier to delight in your children when they are happy. It is our goal to gracefully deliver joy and inspiration to your home—for the benefit of both you and your children. Did we mention that Butterfly Ballet Club includes a small gift for the parent as well? Let the smiles begin!


Founded by a ballet teacher and studio owner, inspired by the beauty of classical story ballets, Butterfly Ballet Club will bring the joy of ballet to your home.


I was a very shy and stubborn five year old. When my Mom took me to my first ballet lessons, I refused to participate, sitting uncomfortably against the wall for the entire session. Several years later, my Mom took me back to ballet class and that literally changed my life. Thanks, Mom, for not giving up on me.

Being a parent can be tough! When we had four young children, I likened parenting to Bootcamp. No sleep. Working 24/7. And at the same time, the delightful creativity of our children and their constant fascination with learning brought so much joy. Butterfly Ballet Club is dedicated to all the tired, hard-working parents who want to give their kids a beautiful childhood.

Gwen Potter

Creator of Butterfly Ballet Club.

I love teaching ballet! For the past 30 years, I have shared the joy of ballet with my students. I have helped several thousand young dancers grow in confidence and creativity through their experience of dancing in story ballet performances. I can’t wait to bring the same joy to your family at home.

As a grandmother of six wonderful grandchildren and now a Ballet Fairy Grandmother to your dancer, it is my hope that Butterfly Ballet Club will inspire the next generation of kids (and their parents) to use their God-given creativity to bring joy to those around them.

Eléna Potter

Graphic Designer and Creative Assistant.

My childhood was filled with imagination and wonder. I danced with a number of dance studios (including my mom’s very own Octorara Ballet School). When I wasn’t dancing, I was usually drawing, reading or making something. I ultimately left dance to pursue art and design, but have never left behind the values and lessons I learned in dance. Thanks, Mom, for never giving up on me!

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