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Nutcracker Ballet Unit Study for Homeschool

Nutcracker Ballet Unit Study for Homeschool

Why Unit Studies?

Whether you are a first-time homeschool mom or a seasoned homeschool teacher, unit studies will motivate and engage your child. If your kids LOVE homeschooling, they will more easily put their hearts into their lessons and make your life as a teacher much easier.

Benefits of a Nutcracker Unit Study

Kids of all ages will love learning about The Nutcracker Ballet. From the Sugar Plum Fairy to The Mouse King, this lively story is guaranteed to delight. 

A Delightful Topic for Students of All Ages

Vibrant music and characters make The Nutcracker the most-loved ballet of all time. Students will love learning about the classical music and the beautiful art of ballet.

Tchaikovsky Composer Study

Make the beautiful Nutcracker music by Tchaikovsky come alive as your family learns about story, characters & dances from The Nutcracker Ballet.

Looking for a Ready-to-Go Unit Study?

Take a look at our Unit Studies here.

Butterfly Ballet Club offers Nutcracker-themed boxes delivered to your home each month. Nutcracker themes are available September through February. Monthly & prepaid sets available. Themes from other famous ballets are available March through August.

Each ballet box contains flash cards, a letter from a ballet character (this promotes reading comprehension!), costume accessories, Nutcracker-themed activities and a ballet class based on a dance from The Nutcracker Ballet.

Use one kit/family or order Sibling Add-Ons so each child has their own set of activities and costume pieces. It's the budget-friendly way to experience the joy of ballet.

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