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I would be rich if...

I would be rich if...

I had a dollar for every former ballet student who said to me,

"I wish I hadn't quit ballet."

The fact is that ballet is hard. At some point, dancers realize that ballet isn't just fun. It is hard work too. It takes concentration and discipline to advance from being a Mouse in The Nutcracker to the Sugar Plum Fairy! 

It is the rare student who thrives on the demanding, technical side of ballet. The majority of students need lots of encouragement and a boost every now and then. In over thirty years of teaching ballet, I have seen "the spoonful of sugar" effect work wonders with students of all abilities.

A Spoonful of Sugar?

Yes! And happy dancers are motivated dancers. They learn faster because they are eager.

At our ballet studio, Story Ballet Performances are the "sugar". Each dancer, whether young or advanced, has a role in the story. Performing in a meaningful story gives students a reason to work on the difficult skills and brings joy in performing.

Sugar in a Box 

At Butterfly Ballet Club, our monthly ballet subscription boxes packages this Story Ballet Sugar in a box and delivers it to dancers across the United States. Items like tutus, ballet wands, handmade ballet props & educational ballet activities bring the famous classical ballet stories alive for young dancers age 3 to 10.

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What about older dancers?

We are currently creating and testing a NEW box for Tweens & Teens that will bring more joy to their dance experience and enhance their ballet education. It will make them feel special and encourage them in their dance journey. We plan to ship the first ballet subscription box for Tweens & Teens this June. It will be the best gift you could give to your ballerina!

Join the Waitlist to receive first access & our Early Bird Discount! 

Waitlist for Tween/Teen Box


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