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Add ballet to your homeschool or homeschool group. Share with your homeschool community. 

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Benefits for Homeschoolers:

  1. Ballet meets both Arts & PE Requirements
  2. Keep your children active
  3. Dancers will improve their focus & coordination
  4. A high quality, low cost class for homeschool groups or co-ops

How it works:

OPTION 1: Offer Butterfly Ballet Club (for kids age 4-10) as a semester or year-long class at your homeschool co-op. Scroll down for details.

OPTION 2: Bring the dance studio into your home with monthly kits & video lessons. Scroll down for details.

OPTION 3: Become an Affiliate and earn as you share with your homeschool friends. Scroll down for details.


All the Details:

OPTION 1: Offer Butterfly Ballet Club (for kids age 4-10) as a semester or year-long class at your homeschool co-op. 

Add some joy to your curriculum each month! You will receive a box of teaching aids, activities & student gifts each month based on a famous ballet. Talk about Happy Mail!

You will stand out from other studios as your students learn about the classic ballets and rave about their classes. Brighten up your lessons or summer camps with beautiful ballet kits.

AGE 5+. Butterfly Ballet Club. Dancers LOVE becoming a part of classic ballet stories by dancing simplified roles from famous story ballets. Classroom kits include choreography, hands-on activities, and beautiful, themed gifts for your students that will keep them coming back for more. This mini-version of our Butterfly Ballet Club monthly box is priced for classrooms.

AGE 10+. Ballet Inspiration Club for Tweens & Teens. Dancers will be inspired by famous ballets, enjoy choosing personalized goals each month, focus on character traits that will help them in the studio, and build a beautiful ballet notebook Activities may be completed in class, at home or both. Parents will be impressed as their dancers build positive character traits and look forward to attending class! Students will love the pretty goodies (stickers, coloring pages, etc) included in each kit. 

Flexible Ordering. Order only what you need when you need it. No annual subscription. Studios receive generous discounts on bulk orders. Kits ship by the 1st of each month; place your order by the 20th. Studios may pause or cancel their subscription at any time. Add a supplies fee to student tuition to cover your cost or roll the cost into monthly tuition. It will pay you back with increased student retention and parents will rave about your studio when they see their child's increased motivation and delight.


OPTION 2: Bring the dance studio into your home with monthly kits & video lessons.

Offer your families a studio discount code on Butterfly Ballet Club and Ballet Inspiration Club kits shipped to their homes. Dancers will be inspired and parents will love seeing their dancer light up when they receive their gift. Ballet kits make a delightful holiday or birthday gift. Parents will appreciate that you offer a valuable resource through your studio with a discount! 

This will benefit your studio and teachers because dancers will be INSPIRED! We are happy to provide a Studio Discount to all dance schools, large or small.

Teachers and Studio Owners are also welcome to join our affiliate program below.


OPTION 3: Become an Affiliate and earn as you share with your homeschool friends.

If you love ballet & love our products, become an Affiliate. Help us share Butterfly Ballet Club & Ballet Inspiration Club with others and receive a percentage of the sales you refer. You will also receive a discount code to share!






  1. Can I give it a try before purchasing for the studio? Certainly! We recommend ordering a single kit as a sample to show to your students. There is no minimum order. If you are pleased, you can subscribe and save
  2. I love the idea but I'm not sure about how to integrate this into my programs. Could you explain more? Sure! Email Gwen at hello@butterflyballetclub to set up a phone date to talk this through and see if this would be a fit for your studio.
  3. Will these ballet kits compete with what my students are learning in class? No. We have designed this as a complementary supplement to in-class learning. It does not focus on dance technique and covers topics that teachers often don't have time to teach like ballet history and goal setting. It also works for a variety of skill levels.
  4. How will this help student retention? The monthly kits reinforce the student's identity as a dancer and elevates their joy in dance. Also, as students improve their focus, they will improve their skills which makes them want to continue dancing. These are all key factors in retaining students.
  5. How many different kits are there? Both Butterfly Ballet Club & Ballet Inspiration Club are based on a 24 month cycle learning cycle. Join any time during the cycle - each lesson stands on its on.

If you have questions, email us at hello@butterflyballetclub.com