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Dance Studio Partners

At Butterfly Ballet Club we treasure human connection and believe that life is more inspiring when we work together.

Our Studio Partners help spread the word about Butterfly Ballet Club as they share our products with their community. 

How BIC benefits Studios:

  1. Builds student retention.
  2. Improves student motivation & focus
  3. Multiplies the joy factor

How it works:

Students build a notebook month-by month  24 month curriculum 

OPTION 1: Incorporate Ballet Inspiration Club into your classes

Stand out from other studios as your students learn ballet history and work through personalized goals each month. Parents will be impressed as their dancers build positive character traits and apply themselves in dance class.

Order one kit/student to be shipped to your studio. For every $100 spent, you will receive 1 bonus kit. Kits ship on the 5th of each month. One time order or subscription options.

Include the cost of the monthly kits in your tuition or charge an additional fee.

OPTION 2: Promote Ballet Inspiration Club to your students for individual purchase or holiday gift-giving.

Prefer that your students receive and work on their kit at home?

Give families your studio discount code. Dancers will be inspired and parents will get to watch their dancer light up when they receive their kit. Ballet kits make a delightful holiday or birthday gift for dancers.

Your studio will automatically receive a free kit for each $100 your students spend. Use your free items in a Studio Raffle fundraiser or create a giveaway at the studio to create some buzz.

OPTION 3: Become an Affiliate

We are always looking for studio owners, teachers & parents who love our product to share it on social media. (We only ship within the US.) For each $100 in purchases, earn a free kit.


  1. Does the kit compete with what my students will be learning in class? No. We have designed this as a supplement to in-class learning. It does not focus on dance technique and covers topics that teachers often don't have time for during class like the famous ballets and goal setting.
  2. How will it help my students in class? Each month students will be guided to develop character traits and goals that will help them in class. It will also bring them joy and make them more excited about dance. Suitable for all levels of dancers.
  3. How does Ballet Inspiration Club help studios retain students? It helps reinforce the student's identity as a dancer and increases their knowledge of and joy in dance. Also, as student improve their focus, they will improve their skills which makes them want to continue dancing. These are all key factors in retaining students.
  4. How many different kits are there? We offer a 24 month cycle of learning kits. Join any time during the cycle - each lesson stands on its on.
  5. Does this kit include other forms of dance? We may expand in the future, but right now, it is ballet-themed and doesn't include other forms of dance.
  6. Is it suitable for male dancers? The majority of the kit is not gender-specific. Images incline towards female dancers/pointe/tutus, etc.
  7. How can I give it a try before purchasing for the studio? You can order a single kit as a sample or place non-renewing bulk order for your students to try. There is no minimum order. If you are pleased, you can subscribe and save.


WIN-WIN for everyone! 

Apply to become a Partner today!

Become a Studio Partner today! Apply below. Once we review your form and determine that collaboration will be a good fit for both of us, we will send you further information about becoming a Partner.