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Ballet Box Giveaway


Your dancer will feel special & inspired!

From our dancers:

The kit made me feel like I had ways to make my dancing better and it made me happy. ~ Avery

This kit is awesome and I really liked it!! ~ Annalise

It made me feel good about myself. Catherine

Join the Waitlist  for priority ordering. First box available June 2023.

An investment that will pay you back.

You spend hundreds of dollars each month on lessons! For less than $20/month, your child will be inspired to give her best in class. 

As a mom, I really liked the theme of the ballet kits. It gives my girls something to focus on to improve. I really believe it will help them become better dancers. ~ Christine

It was fun to see my daughter excited about her ballet kit! It was a good reinforcement outside of ballet class and I could tell it made her feel special ~ Amy

Designed by a ballet teacher & studio owner and tested by dancers and their teachers, Ballet Inspiration Club inspires dancers to be their very best!

Available for home or studio delivery and guaranteed to make dancers shine!

Join the Waitlist  for priority ordering. First box available June 2023.